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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of this book… I’m surprised that there is a book published already, about this recently-popularized Web 2.0 service.

    Then again, I looked at the author, and see that it is the amazing Joel Comm. I was just posting a couple of comments, mentioning how I purchased your The Adsense Code, perhaps in summer 2006.

    Seeing the entries at your main blog, I remember being there, a couple Christmastimes ago (or maybe it was last winter). I was glad to find that you are a conservative Christian… With so many make-money-online scams on the web (I’ve been looking to use more methods, to work at home, or at least make more money on the web), it is refreshing that such a major web-profiting system is run by someone like yourself.

    Also, I suspect that this book isn’t just about Twitter, but rather, about using Web 2.0 for personal, occupational, and profit advancement. As I said, this is the first I’ve been to this site, or heard about this book… So I’ll have to look more into the description. But I suspect that this is one that I’ll be ordering, at! (Since we can’t use our own Associates code – that’s another program that I’m wondering how profitable it can be, if optimized – I will use the one for the organization I formerly led, since GoodSearch is finally partnered with Also: I’ve, once again, been out-of-the-loop, Blogosphere-wise (as seems to happen in and out) – One would think that, after the big elections, it would be an ideal time to get back into the Blogosphere, web design, etc… But it has been quite a challenge to focus and concentrate, during the winter doldrums. I need to find the keys however, to using my abilities, to find a good placement. I wish I knew more about how to get connected, to those opportunities.

    Thanks so much for your help, in this area, of making a profit from behind the laptop screen. I hope that you and yours, and your readers, have a very Merry Christmas!!

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